Olive oil sales in America is one of the fastest growing segments of the “oils and fats” industry.  So what is the big deal and what is the benefit of olive oil? We have your answer here.

The Biggest Benefit of Olive Oil

By far the biggest benefit is the delicious taste for something so healthy!  By drinking or using polyphenol-rich extra virgin olive oil you are erasing some of the inflammation build up in your body while adding real natural taste to your meals!  But keep in mind – it is not just “olive oil” that is the best – but extra virgin olive oil with high polyphenols that you want.  The polyphenols give it great bite and flavor that adds so much to your food.  Also, it is so versatile – it can be used instead of vegetable oil, butter or shortening in so many applications, added to smoothies, used for cooking eggs in the morning, and of course to your stir-fry and salads.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Olive Oil

Some of the most exciting health benefits come for people with diabetes, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular disease, or neurological disease that is caused by aggravated by chronic inflammation.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) says that consuming extra virgin olive oil, daily, is a natural way to fight off chronic inflammation in your body and that can contribute to so many dangerous chronic diseases.  Olive oils, especially extra virgin olive oils that are enriched with olive polyphenols have anti-inflammatory ingredients, antioxidants and heart-healthy, monounsaturated fats. Those EVOO that are further enriched with additional olive polyphenols can provide several times more benefits than standard olive oil.*

Scientists refer to the polyphenols in olive oils as “reducing agents”.  Olive polyphenols can “scavenge” for the reactive oxygen species (ROS) which can cause free radicals and cell damage. These polyphenols may also reduce the catalytic activity of enzymes that help create ROS in the body.  Some polyphenols, like those in olives might also be important to protecting the inner plasma membranes within the cells that further protect the cells from oxidation.*

Anti-Oxidants in Olive Oil

Oleuropeins in Polyphenol-enriched EVOO (PEEVOO) have significant anti-oxidant properties and can reduce the ROS (reactive oxygen species) which can cause free radicals and cell damage.  Studies also show that the oleuropeins can reduce aging of tissues as well as prevent atherosclerosis (plaque formation in the arteries).

Vitamins in Olive Oil

Olive oil is rich in vitamins E and K which are critical to the body’s health.  We cover more of that in the article linked at the beginning of this section see more there!

Anything Else It Can Do For Me?

Yes!  There is a long list of health benefits linked to eating and cooking with extra virgin olive oil. Because it is a mainstay of the Mediterranean diet, it has been studied extensively.   And our CardiOlive® 25x is a delicious, and specially formulated and olive polyphenol enriched extra virgin olive oil that is great for cooking and consumption.  This enriched extra virgin olive oil contains 25 times more anti-inflammatory polyphenols than standard olive oil.

Or, if you want the convenience of a soft gel capsule or supplement, you might be interested in our olive oil-based softgel supplements that you can take every day. These natural supplements are called OliPura® Joint, OliPura® Heart, and OliPura® Advanced.


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* Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.