™We are often told to not grip our clubs so tightly – but new research may indicate that this is not the entire story.  And with GolfThritis™ as a factor for some players – your grip strength might even be lower.  So is GolfThritis™ affecting your grip strength – read here to know more.

All About Grip Strength

A recent article showed that research done by Titlest Performance indicates that pro golfer’s have an average grip strength of almost 132lbs of grip strength.  The average amateur golfer’s grip strength is only 65lbs.!  So when a pro golfer grips their clubs lightly – it’s still twice as strong a grip for the same club.  This is why top golf teachers now are stressing for amateurs to use a firm grip with loose wrists to increase their swing speed.

So, can improving your grip strength – also improve you’re your golf performance?  Researchers from Stony Brook University and Mississippi State would argue – “yes”.  Their study of Division 1 male golfers found that students in the grip training program showed significant increases in ball speed, carry, drive distance, and left hand grip strength in just 8 weeks of resistance training for their grip strength.

Is GolfThritis™ Affecting Your Grip Strength?

Sometimes GolfThritis™ or general inflammation of the joints in your hands and wrists can cause tremendous joint pain and even be a precursor to osteoarthritis, a condition that impacts almost 40 million Americans.  This joint pain and stiffness will dramatically impact your golf grip strength.  This may be because a golfer that has limited grip strength must grip the club handle harder in order to keep control of the club during the swing.  This might then limit their fine motor skill feel for the club and ball.

So for GolfThritis™ , as we have heard it called by some in North Carolina, and for general joint inflammation, we created OliPura® Joint with a unique blend of TrePhenol® (all natural olive polyphenols: hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol, and oleocanthals), turmeric curcumin and black pepper extract in high concentrations for maximum effect.  Studies show that hydroxytyrosol in high concentrations can slow and reverse the inflammatory response of osteoarthritis and even reduce the damaged chondrocytes in the cartilage of the joints.*  Clinical trials also found that our second ingredient – curcumin could be as effective as ibuprofen for osteoarthritis – and it’s all natural!  In addition, turmeric extract (curcumin) was proven to be effective in improving the function of osteoarthritis patients.  And the final component, black pepper can reduce nitric oxide (NO) and other inflammatory responses were by 55% in treated tissues.  The black pepper extract also reduces pain sensitivity in the central nervous system (CNS).*

These three active ingredients combine to help the body address the chronic inflammation and repair process of the cartilage in the joints.  All of these are critical in addressing the problem of GolfThritis™ in your hands and wrists.*

But Wait!  There’s More…

For more about our all-natural, and pure olive fruit polyphenols for reducing inflammation in the body see OliPura® Joint here.*


. * Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease


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