People often ask us “How do you get so much olive oil inside those olive oil supplements?”  Well, to do it and to do it without solvents, like most supplement makers use – is actually quite difficult!  And that is why we use a patented, water-based process to extract the natural olive polyphenols and to put them in our olive oil supplements.

First – Why Take Olive Oil Supplements?

A quick refresher on the four main reasons why olive oil supplements are good for you:

  1. Tremendous health benefits: We have several articles showing the health benefits of olive polyphenols, the heart-healthy effects of hydroxytyrosol found in olives, and the significant reduction in chronic inflammation of olive polyphenols.*  But in a nutshell, the polyphenols found in olives can increase HDL (good cholesterol) production, produce less hydroxy fatty acids (1), reduce total cholesterol (1), lower blood pressure, lower cRP (c Reactive Proteins – a biomarker for inflammation for cancer patients) levels in the body (2), promote autophagy – the restoration of chondrocytes in the cartilage between joints (3), and stimulate the body’s immune system!*
  2. Convenience : Whether you are at home, traveling, or in between meals, you can always pop an olive oil supplement in your mouth.  They are not messy, they don’t require a spoon, and they don’t give you bad “burp breath” when you take them!  A month’s supply can fit in your hand, travel easily, and cost less than $1.00 per day.**
  3. Less calories : By taking olive oil supplements instead of the olive oil itself, you can eliminate most of the calories from olive oil.  Even though olive oil is a healthy oil/fat, it still has about 120-150 calories per tablespoon.  And to get the same levels of olive polyphenols and natural hydroxtyrosol you would have to consume thousands of calories each week to match the supplement’s benefits.
  4. Very High Levels of Polyphenols : Using the patented processes described below we are able to pack a tremendous amount of the key active ingredients in olive polyphenols in our olive oil supplements. See them here at OliPura® Advanced

Problems with Other Polyphenol Supplements

So, the main difference with other polyphenol supplements, is that few companies are able to safely and efficiently extract both the fat-soluble and water-soluble components from the olive fruit.  So, instead, most companies focus on “olive leaf supplements”.  The leaves are a by-product of picking the olives, and it is cheaper to extract the oleuropein elements from the olive leaves using solvents.  Unfortunately, they then cannot claim no solvent residue in their supplements which people are consuming.  The USP (U.S. Pharmacopeia) organization and the FDA set standards for the amount of solvent residue allowed in drugs.  But so far, this standard has not been well adopted by many dietary supplement manufacturers. The oleuropein elements from olive leaves are good, but not as powerful as the hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol, and oleocanthals from the olive fruit.

Using a water-based method, we pull out all of the key components of the polyphenol mix and call it, TrePhenol®.  This proprietary blend of olive-fruit polyphenols is far higher in hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol, and oleocanthals than any leading olive-leaf supplement company and most over the counter products. Hydroxytyrosol and tyrosol  (See our Oliventures Scientific Summary) are the leading active ingredients in olive polyphenols and the extra virgin olive oil that scientists and doctors have brought attention to in order to understand their health impact on heart, joint, metabolic, neurologic, and immune system diseases.

So How Do We Do It?

First our Spanish Arbequina olives are selected early in the harvest (green olives) in order to ensure very high levels of polyphenols.  These olives are then crushed and mixed with purified water.  Once the smooth, mixed pulp is ready, it is gently warmed up to 160oF (think – keeping your pizza warm!).  This causes the olive polyphenols to leech out into the water.  Then this “polyphenol water” is filtered to remove the excess olive fruit pulp.   Once it is ready, we use a spray drying technique that causes the water to evaporate and leaves behind only the olive polyphenols in a powder form – called TrePhenol®.  So, most importantly, the whole olive polyphenol has been extracted, high levels of natural hydroxtyrosol are maintained, and no solvents were used to make it!

This high concentration TrePhenol® powder can enrich our extra virgin olive oil to make our CardiOlive® 25x polyphenol-enriched olive oil, or it can be formulated into specific supplements.

We use a formulation strategy of “Targeted Nutrition” for our supplements.  For our OliPura® Heart, we use high levels of TrePhenol® and combine it with 100% pure Alaskan fish oil, very high in DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) the two active, natural ingredients in omega-3 fish oils.  For OliPura® Joint, we start with very high levels of TrePhenol® (with 37.5mg of hydroxytyrosol in each serving), and add 99.99% pure turmeric curcumin and black pepper for enhanced joint pain and bioavailability of the curcumin.   Finally, for OliPura® Advanced, we combine the best of both OliPura® Heart and Joint by using very high levels of TrePhenol (37.5mg), the same pure Alaskan fish oils, and turmeric curcumin for the joints and heart.

All of this, without any solvents to extract the olive polyphenols in our products, because there is growing concern in the food supplement industry over residual solvents.

So, if you like what you have read about our products, choose one of our products here!  Choose delicious – or convenient!


** Assumes purchasing our products either through the subscription option price or a multi-bottle order from our website.

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