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CardiOlive 25x Olive Oil For Heart Health | Buy 3 Get 1 Free – Pack


CardiOlive 25x Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Enriched with TrePhenol Polyphenols.  25x More anti-inflammatory olive oil polyphenols than standard Olive Oil.

  • All Natural
  • Non-GMO
  • GRAS
  • Certified 100% Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil



CardiOlive® 25x Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Heart Health

  • CardiOlive ® 25x brings the best of the Mediterranean Diet benefits in a bottle of delicious extra virgin olive oil. Almost half of Americans suffer from either cardiovascular health or osteoarthritis and joint pain issues. With the TrePhenol® enriched (high polyphenol content) CardiOlive® 25x, you can eat delicious foods while improving your health.*

Who Should Take This:

• Doctors often advise their patients to add more polyphenol-rich foods and oils to their diet for heart health and to lower their risk of cardiovascular disease.
• Anyone who has medical issues or conditions arising from chronic inflammation or allergies, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or rheumatoid arthritis should consider regular usage
• If you are already using extra virgin olive oil – but want higher levels of polyphenols*

What Makes CardiOlive® 25X So Different:

• The TrePhenol® polyphenol levels in this extra virgin olive oil produced from 100% Spanish Arbequina olives, is enriched with at least 25x the normal polyphenol levels in standard olive oils.
• The enriched polyphenols in this oil are obtained by a patented, water-based, all-natural extraction process vs. cheap, solvent-based processes.
• All Natural / Non-GMO / GRAS / Certified 100% Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil

How to Learn More about Polyphenols, Inflammation, and CardiOlive 25x:


Download the Sales Sheet for CardiOlive® 25X here.

TrePhenol® For Heart Health Polyphenol Olive Oil Content (Per Tablespoon)

Hydroxytyrosol          Tyrosol
6mg                             0.17mg

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