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Advanced Nutrition to Support Heart, Joint and Breast and Immune System Health

We are having a SHORT-DATED Sale on PureVida®, an olive oil supplement also containing Omega-3 fish oil and turmeric curcumin!  Product has a best buy date of August 31, 2021 and will be on sale for $19.95 per bottle until we run out of stock.

PureVida® is now OliPura® Advanced!  The same great overall support and clinical study results with a new name and look!  Buy your OliPura® Advanced here!

PureVida® has been clinically evaluated and can significantly reduce CRP, a marker of inflammation, and reduce joint pain among patients taking aromatase inhibitors.*

Who Should Take This:

    • Anyone who wants premium and broad support for heart, joint, breast, and their immune system health.
    • Customers with chronic inflammation related diseases, e.g., osteoarthritis, or those who want clinically proven reduction of CRP levels. Anyone already taking a fish oil supplement should seriously consider this product.

What Makes PureVida® So Different:

    • Powerful formulation of active ingredients clinically proven to reduce joint inflammation, swelling and stiffness.
    • High levels of olive polyphenols (hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol & derivatives), combined with omega-3 complex and curcumin to work synergistically and uniquely to reduce inflammation

Active Ingredient Information:

  • 375mg of TrePhenol®, a powerful blend of polyphenols (hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol and derivatives) extracted by a patented process that produces an anti-inflammatory response to support the body’s natural immune response.*
  • 37.5mg hydroxytyrosol
  • 100% Alaskan fish oil (wild caught pollock) with high levels of EPA, DHA, the two most critical ingredients in the Omega-3 complex*
  • EPA 450mg
  • DHA 300mg
  • Curcumin: A powerful antioxidant and antiflammatory agent, also known to help in anti-aging.*

Download the Sales Sheet for Pure Vida®, now OliPura® Advanced, here.

60 Softgel Capsules per Bottle
Serving Size: 2 softgels

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Buy 1, Get 1 FREE!!

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A powerful anti-inflammatory to support heart, joint and breast health: PureVida® olive oil supplements were tested in a clinical study with cancer patients yielding impressive results with respect to patient CRP levels and joint comfort. Full details of the tests and results are available for your health care provider to review here.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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